County education professionals want task force chair out

The Kisii County education task force chairman Dr. Henry Onderi is under pressure from the county education professionals to resign from the post because he has failed to deliver.    They said he was commissioned by the Kisii County governor James Ongwae to mobilize them and forge away forward for education standards in the county but now two years down the line the county has never realized what the task force recommended. “We were commissioned to compile the resolutions and forward them for implementation but they shelved all,” complained Abel Aboki. The professionals accused Dr. Onderi of being a stooge to governor Ongwae in stage-managing imaginary conference meant to boost education but instead used them to siphon the government’s money into his own pocket and those of his cronies. During the 2014 Kisii County Education Conference that was attended by all education stakeholders, various problems that posed hindrances to education progress in the region were identified with their prospective remedies Among the areas that were discussed include the leadership and management of schools, resource mobilization, time management, curriculum development, provision of quality education and vocational training. In leadership and management of institutions the county, the team found that the county lags behind behind because of lack of demarcated policies on the roles of national and county government towards education. They noted that administrative structures exhibited divided royalty between the two governments and proposed streamlining of the duo. The overlapping and duplication of duties among the officers like the county director of education, TSC county director, the County Directors of education officers in the education stream have torn the workers into confusion and this has led to the divided and demoralized discharge of duties. The experts noted the ever widening gap between education policy makers and other important stakeholders like the KNUT, KUPPET, KEPSHA, KESHA  and the church,  of not being involved but get the information at passive level and are unable to implement them. The task force noted that Kisii County was faced with other education hurdles that included the presence of incompetent school management committees that need to be replaced for efficient management of schools. The recommendations cited most members in the managerial positions in local schools that were hand picked not withstanding On his part, The Kisii county education Task Force Chairman Dr. Henry Onderi has distanced himself from the blame saying he is working under financial handcuffs. He appreciates the assistance accorded by the national government towards the realization of good education standards in the county and asks the county government to follow suit. Underscoring the importance of education, Dr. Onderi asked the members in the conference to hold at heart the importance of the child and therefore without any reservation ponder on how to provide quality education in the county. He cited insufficient funding from the national and county governments to schools for infrastructural improvement and asked the meeting to factor that in during their deliberations. The chair challenged delegates to think on how a school without enough laboratory equipment, understaffed, limited class text books and latrines could  perform well and compete with well-equipped schools in other regions.

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