Editorial Policy

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From the start, it is good to say that ScholarMedia Digital and The Scholar Newspaper are one. The two are products of Scholar Media Group Ltd.
ScholarMedia Digital is a reputable online news platform whose aim is to disseminate fresh, original and balanced material.
We endeavour to uphold and instill high levels of professionalism.
In this regard, our editors will stop at nothing until articles received are checked for clarity, flow, accuracy, relevance and timeliness.
We are not conveyor belts or mouth pieces of any individual, institution or government and ours is to execute our mandate diligently as per the dictates of our calling.
As is the norm with high-end media houses, we rely on credible reporters, correspondents, stringers, experts and professionals of repute for the materials we publish.
Therefore, you can be assured that there is no malice, distortion, propaganda and sensation in our manner of reporting.
We emphatically repeat that www.scholarmedia.co.ke is NOT an affiliate of any political party, social or religious organization.
We have perched ourselves on the code of ethics that governs journalists as enshrined in the Media Council of Kenya (MCK) manual.
Specifically, our reporters are advised to, among other things, observe and maintain high standards of professionalism. This way, they will grow in their careers and ensure our brand stands tall.
Additionally, We DO NOT accept unsolicited news from anonymous sources. However, your story stands a chance for publication if it meets our editorial threshold.
Our content remains our asset. Upon publication, you are at liberty to share, print or download for personal use like filing. However, it will be against the Copyright and Intellectual Property Laws if you use our photos, videos, news and material published in our site for commercial purposes without giving credit/attribution to ScholarMedia.
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