KNUT headed to court over delocalization of members

The Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) is contemplating to challenge the delocalization of its members in court.

Already, the Teachers’ Service Commission (TSC) has moved several school heads to stations away from their home counties.
Speaking at Sony Sugar Primary School in Awendo, the KNUT national treasurer John Matiang’i said the move by TSC was gravely affecting teachers.
Matiang’i said teachers’ families had been affected by the policy and this would translate to poor delivery in class.
“Some teachers and their families are still trying to adjust to the transfers and this automatically affects their performance in class,” Matiang’i said.
The unionist said teachers had now been forced to always be on the road to and from their homes as they have to attend to their families.
“There will also be pressure to be in school so the teacher will be spending more time on the road,” he said.
He said the union was not against teacher transfers but advised TSC to make them within counties.
He added the teachers’ employer was going against the law by conducting delocalization while disregarding the welfare of its employees.
“As we understand, it is newly employed teachers that should be deployed under delocalization terms but the way the exercise is being conducted is a show of impunity,” he said.
He said the union will not sit back and watch while the quality of education deteriorate.
Matiang’i said seeking legal redress on the matter was the only solution of saving teachers from misery.
Matiang’i urged teachers not to sign appraisal forms as directed by the ministry as it was a waste of time.
“Teachers are also spending a lot of time filling and sending these forms in cyber cafés because they don’t have internet in school. When are they going to teach our children?” he posed.
He was speaking recently in Migori during the KNUT Annual General Meeting (AGM) for Rongo Sub-county.

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