Rethink new curriculum rollout, ministry told

The Government has once again been challenged to ensure that all measures are put in place before fully rolling out the new education curriculum.

Kenya Nation Union of Teachers (KNUT) Kisii Central branch executive secretary Albert Ondimu said there was more which needed to be done before implementing the new curriculum.

Mr. Ondimu who was addressing parents at Riababanyi S.D.A Primary School in Bobaracho ward during the education cum prize giving ceremony said that the ministry should go slow in implementing the 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum since nothing much has been achieved in schools to roll it out.

“I would like to ask the government to go slow in implementing the new curriculum because nothing much that has been achieved. We don’t have enough teachers in our schools who are well prepared to run the program,” Ondimu said.

He said there were many challenges facing the new curriculum which should be addressed before it is  fully rolled out in schools.

“I am not opposing the new curriculum but we should address all contentious issues first,” he said.

The new curriculum is aimed at replacing the over three decades old 8-4-4 system.

Mr. Ondimu called upon the government to release money to schools without using the National Education Management information system (NEMIS) delays as an excuse.

“Delays of these funds has made it difficult for principals and head teachers to operate more so when we have 100 per cent transition in our secondary schools,” he said.

He also opposed the push to increase fees in extra county school, saying that it will over-burden parents.

Parents in extra county school are expected to cough Ksh 17,000 more and those in day schools Ksh.6, 000 for infrastructure development.

He asked education stakeholders to hold hands together so that they can boost education standards in the county.

“We need to work as a team, have positive attitude and make sure there is discipline  in our schools,” he noted.

Riabamanyi headteacher Charles Mokaya hailed parents, teachers and other skeholders who have been supporting the school .

He said that through the support, the school has been doing well more so in last year’s  national examinations where more than 18 students managed to score 350 marks and above.

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