Vihiga ups COVID-19 preparedness

Vihiga Governor Wilbur Ottichilo has left nothing to chance should the county record any suspected case of Coronavirus disease.

Dr Ottichilo and Country Commissioner Ochillo Oyugi flagged off medical equipment to aid in the battle against the Corona disease at selected quarantine centres.

Speaking at the County Referral Hospital in Mbale, today, Dr. Ottichilo assured Vihiga residents that his leadership has considered and put all measures in place to counter the pandemic.

“We have mobilised a multi agency team working relentlessly to keep the virus at bay,” he said.

He said that his government had already selected atleast two isolation centres in its five subcounties.

Dr Ottichilo said the assorted items will be put at the designated sites to be used just in case the need arises.

“We have purchased these detergents, mattresses, isolation beds and masks among other items just as a start off in the war against Covid-19,” he said

The governor added that personal protective equipment for the doctors and other team that will be directly handling the corona virus victims, in case of any, shall be availed as soon as possible.

He insisted that the need for setting isolation centres is geared at decongesting the referral hospital.

Dr Ottichilo further said that they are in the process of drafting measures and guidelines for their doctors’ safety.

“More importantly, we are doing everything possible to acquire the necessary and essential tools for our forefront fighters,” he said.

“We have already drafted a policy that will see the doctors who directly deal with Covid-19 patients in isolation units get special isolation facilities as away of averting further spread.

Their isolation will deter them from mingling with the general public and their families when off duty for a while,” he said.

His deputy Dr. Patrick Saisi cautioned residents to ignore rumours but rather listen to the instructions and measures put in place by the government.

“I urge my people to refrain from rumours and misleading information. I only urge you to be confident and cautious and let us do our best, ” Dr Saisi said.

He noted that the most efficient way to prepare for the dreadful Covid-19 was to first equip the medical staff for them to be ready and able to handle any rising case.

According to Mr. Oyugi, scarcity of equipment in the county should not be taken as a personal issue but a major challenge facing even great nations with enormous resources.

“The truth is that we are doing all we can to fix any loophole and therefore scarcity of these equipment should be an accepted fact because even the most powerful states have run short of them,” he noted.

Mr. Oyugi disclosed that their efforts in combating the Covid 19 disease was not only based on equipping Vihiga Referral Hospital but also the Sub-county health facilities as well as the isolation and quarantine centres.

He said that they as a County Corona Preparedness committee, they had resolved to ensure that the allocated funds are carefully used for the intended purpose.

He said every expenditure will be put it in public domain for accountability and transparency to prevail.

Chavakali High School, Kaimosi Boys’ School, Kaimosi Technical, Moi Girls Vokoli, Mbale Boys, Bunyore TTC and Kaimosi TTC are some of the isolation centres identified.

A supplementary budget, tax relief to traders among other policies are some of the measures Dr Ottichilo had earlier on put in place towards fighting and mitigating the depilitating effects of Corona Virus disease.

PHOTO CAPTION: Some of the items procured by Vihiga County Government in the war against Corona Virus pandemic.

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