Rotarians support COVID-19 combat

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Bungoma Magharibi Rotary Club joined hands with other Kenyans to combat the Corona virus disease.

Club President Peter Mudanya says the fight against the disease is within their mandate.

“We mainly deal with health matters such as treatment and prevention of diseases,” he said.

They also engage in elimination of illiteracy, peace initiatives and conflict resolution.

“We push for access of water and proper sanitation too. So, we are part and parcel of this noble course of fighting Coronavirus,” said Mudanya.

The club is distributing free hand washing jerry cans and sanitizers to hospitals, health centres and other public places in the county.

Peter Mudanya with colleagues in a past event.

“Covid 19 has no cure. Prevention being one of our major responsibilities, we are determined to ensure that we reach out places where people cannot avoid such as medical centres,” he said.

He spoke at Chwele Hospital yesterday where he donated a water tank as a sign that the distribution of the items had started.

Philip Shikuku who is the Medical Supritendent applauded the donation, terming it of great value to residents.

“This is absolutely great to our hospital. We welcome all like minded organizations and individuals to emulate the same,” he said.

He has also urged direct beneficiaries of the donations to take heed of instructions, warning them that the pandemic at hand is real and fatal.

“Ensure patients and staff follow all government directives regarding prevention of the virus for their own good without being followed up,” said Mudanya while handing over hand washing consignment to Cheptais Hospital.

In the meantime, in Cheptais and larger Mt Elgon region, details have emerged how residents are going through hard times even before the eruption of Corona pandemic.

Women in the area are said to be susceptible to emotional torture and difficulties regarding child bearing and access to basic things.

“Expectant women cannot access the right prenatal care as well as postnatal care because there is no immediate facility that offers the same,” said Joan Chemutai, a resident of Cheptais ward.

It has also been noted that there is an overwhelming illiteracy index in the larger Elgon sub county.

Their sentiments were reiterated by David Kimingichi and Frederick Ndiema who are clinical officers at Cheptais Hospital.

“Most of the young mothers in this area lose their children and even risk losing their lives due to lack of awareness on the importance of immunization and delivering at hospital,” said Ivy Cheng’oli, a resident.

They said there was need for x-ray and maternity facilities in this facility and other areas.

It has proved costly and life threatening for patients to travel to Bungoma which is very far.

Mudanya is coordinating the club program with Cheptai John from Elgon Rotary team.

Meanwhile, there is a rising need for civic education at Chwele market, one of the biggest markets in East Africa.

The market is largely crowded with traders hardly keeping the basic guidelines for combating COVID 19 like wearing face masks.

A spot check by this writer also showed no social distancing.

Reports show that Mt Elgon is the leading area when it comes to teenage pregnancies, infant mortality and life loss at child birth.

Women in the area want a women hospital in the area.

They appealed to all able stakeholders to move with speed and help them.

Bungoma Rotary club falls under district 9212 of the Rotary International.

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