Ngunjiri: My life is in danger

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Bahati Member of Parliament Kimani Ngunjiri has claimed that his life is in danger.

Ngunjiri said he had been followed severally by various vehicles causing him to get afraid that all was not well.

“I want to state here without fear of contradiction that my life is in danger. A day does not pass without vehicles with unknown numbers following me. I want the government to accord me more security,” he said.

Ngunjiri is one of the vocal MPs allied to embattled Deputy President William Ruto.

He spoke to the press in Eldoret Town yesterday.

“Just the other day, people came into my home with guns looking furious. By God’s grace I was not available. Maybe I could have been murdered.

As I speak now, I am fearing for my life,” the Jubilee Party legislator said.

He claimed the sole reason as to why he was being followed was because of his unwavering support for Ruto.

“Despite the threats, my support for the second in command in this nation is intact, ” said Ngunjiri.

“Let me tell you, you can be drunk with power but you will not reign for life. Power fades,” he added.

He said people in some quarters cannot cause unnecessary enemity between the Agikuyu community and the Kalenjins.

CAPTION: Bahati Constituency legistlator, Kimani Ngunjiri addressing the press in Eldoret Town on Saturday.

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