Mukolwe: Streamline boychild support

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Restoration Center in Sikata in Bungoma county is taking care of 30 vulnerable boys.

The organization mainly takes care of street children both spirituality, emotionally and morally.

“30 is the only number that we can sustain,” Pr Joseph Mukolwe said.

There are over 300 street boys in Bungoma.

Concern has emerged over the manner in which the boy child is being handled by the society, what Mukolwe (Pictured above) now warns is an unavoidable bone of contention.

“The society is keen on the welfare of the girls and has neglected the boys. This has landed the boys in trouble,” said Mukolwe.

He also attributes this to the high rate of insecurity, school dropouts and drug addiction, among other factors.

“Once the society sidelines them, they feel that it does not need them and this lands them mayhem,” he added.

He further cautions on the fact that lobby groups and NGOS in African societies have focussed more on girls and forgotten that there are disadvantaged boys too.

“This notion needs to change if we have to secure a good future for both the boy and the girl. They should just be handled with care and love equally,” he says.

“We take care of street children by providing them food, shelter and medical care but my ministry hardly meets girls on the street. This speaks volumes on the hardships boys go through.

They resolve to go to the streets after they realize the conditions in their previous residences were unbearable,” says Mukolwe.

He adds that no child is happy to be on the streets.

He now emphasizes that a u-turn needs to be taken if the boys have to be positively incooperated into society.

He has also raised his concern over the manner in which COVID 19 related funds are being given out.

“We are seeing politicians and help groups targeting those living with disability and less fortunate in the society but none has so far remembered helping street boys in combating corona virus yet they are the most vulnerable,” he added.

He called upon religious and other opinion leaders to shift some attention to the boy child who now stands a higher risk of a harder future.

There are claims that lately, boys are less valued and most of them are dropping out of schools to start bodaboda operations and other risky undertakings.

With the current economic hardships, most of them struggle to provide for their families and end up in theft, robbery and other wrong deeds.

Psychological torture is also a big menace to the life of the boy child whom experts also say is equally important and critical for safeguarding future generation.

Street boys in Bungoma town, Mukolwe deals with more than 359 boys out of good will. PHOTOS/Timothy Wekesa.

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